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Jim knows where the door is that changes your body and he's been avoiding it but he accidentally pulled the wrong door looking for Risa and ended up in a petite blonde body instead of his own. Shit. And he's been trying to get his own body back, with no success, and he doesn't think he can avoid Bones any longer.

He sends Bones a message over the hotel network to come to his room and guesses he's going to just have to endure for a little while the same way Bones had when he suddenly got curvier for a week or so. He's probably going to get a hell of a laugh out of it, Bones, and Jim isn't looking forward to the I told you so.

The only thing he has that seems to fit are his sunglasses and one of his oxford shirts and he puts them on, figuring Bones isn't going to need much more than that. Jim sure isn't going anywhere looking like this anyway.

When Jim hears a knock on the door, he crosses over to let him in. "Don't laugh."
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"You tug too hard, I'm going to start thinking you like it," he teases, working his lips down over those new, generous hips, enjoying the way Jim's skin feels under his hands as he lowers to the thighs, brushing a slow kiss there, just a touch. "You ready for more?"

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He's starting to learn a whole lot more about Jim and McCoy's damn pleased, in these circumstances. He nudges one last loving kiss to the inside of Jim's thigh before pushing his (her, really) legs apart and starts to put his tongue to better work, a planned idea behind every lap and lick.