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Jim knows where the door is that changes your body and he's been avoiding it but he accidentally pulled the wrong door looking for Risa and ended up in a petite blonde body instead of his own. Shit. And he's been trying to get his own body back, with no success, and he doesn't think he can avoid Bones any longer.

He sends Bones a message over the hotel network to come to his room and guesses he's going to just have to endure for a little while the same way Bones had when he suddenly got curvier for a week or so. He's probably going to get a hell of a laugh out of it, Bones, and Jim isn't looking forward to the I told you so.

The only thing he has that seems to fit are his sunglasses and one of his oxford shirts and he puts them on, figuring Bones isn't going to need much more than that. Jim sure isn't going anywhere looking like this anyway.

When Jim hears a knock on the door, he crosses over to let him in. "Don't laugh."
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McCoy's been elbows-deep in texts on diseases that belong to the 17th century, poring over the medical treatments they'd attempted as he makes notes, mostly trying to learn from mistakes and see if he can't head out into one of the medieval doors and do some hands-on practice. He absently glances up and bites his lip to hide the smile. He's been expecting this after the comm, but hell if it isn't a sight to enjoy.

"Oh, you just stand right there," McCoy insists, rising to his feet so he can loom over Jim in a way that's entirely satisfying. "Hey, darling," he greets, a sticky drawl in his words. "I think you shrank."
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McCoy's gaze drifts down and he reins it back up, trying not to be improper all of a sudden just because Jim's gone and wound up looking a little close to his ex-wife (not that close, enough that he knows he has a type but it's not awkward). "I don't know," he supplies. "I'd have to see you naked to really judge the size. As a doctor," he adds, mock-seriously.
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"You absolutely deserve this," McCoy agrees firmly, given all the hell Jim had put him through when he'd been a woman. Still, it's a hell of an amusing thing, watching Jim go through this now. "I mean, all teasing aside, I would like to make sure you're still okay. You, with your infinitely troubling medical dossier makes me worry when there's too much pollen in the air, never mind a sex change."
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McCoy steps in and takes hold of Jim's wrists lightly, pushing them aside. He very slowly starts to wind the little clothing left off of Jim, his eyes half-lidded. "Knowing you, darling, you could catch a swamp bug in a desert," he drawls, hands firmly on Jim's hips.

"Let's get you good and naked on the bed."
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He laughs when he gets those lines from Jim. "I feel like you're trying to audition for a porno," he says, but skims his fingers slowly up and down Jim's thighs, easing them up hips and breasts to slide up to Jim's neck and take the resting pulse, just to make sure things are as okay as they appear.
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"Yeah, I really want to make sure you're okay," he agrees, a little softer as he gives Jim a slightly amazed and wary look, not sure whether this is really that new for him, but he wants to make sure he understands he deserves it. "No weird symptoms? Nothing feeling strange like your heart racing or weird allergies?"

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McCoy's positioned himself neatly down near Jim's belly, giving a slow hum of thoughtfulness as he pushes everything aside to start a slow campaign of kisses up and then up. "Let's see if we can't make you more comfortable. Good thing I know you respond well to physical contact."

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"It's probably not your skin, but what's under it." This probably isn't the time to go into the fat and muscle composition between the sexes, but hell if it isn't sitting in the back of his head, rolling around. "And maybe because I haven't' exactly shaved in a few days."

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"Yeah, I think you're good," he agrees, a little breathless and wondrous that this is happening with the shoe on the other fit. "You think you're up to gauge your reactions?" he asks, heart beating out of his chest.
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McCoy grins and eases back up from where he's brushing his lips against Jim's skin, standing up so he can slowly strip off his shirt, letting it trail from his fingertips to fall in a puddle on the ground. "I don't suppose you brought any kind of supplies with you?"
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"Condoms and lube, darling," McCoy provides, huffing out a laugh. "I've got some in the bathroom, but that means I need to get up and leave you," he points out, shaking his head fondly as he nuzzles another kiss to Jim's neck.
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"I call you darling all the time, maybe it just made it past my lips," McCoy argues, giving him a wary look. "I don't know about you, but I will always take more lubrication over less. Is this why I've had to give you so many lectures about chafing?"
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He bites back his comment about Jim needing a little extra care, but hell, maybe McCoy's just never had that lucky touch. "Brat," he mutters, and that's not a switch-specific name either, even though the sidelong look he shoots Jim is filled with familiar irritation.

"Got any requests?"

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"You want protection?" is the only question he thinks he still needs to ask. He's not entirely sure how this place works, but seeing as he had to find a door, he doesn't want to rule out the worry that this could stick long enough for something to take so to speak.
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McCoy raises a brow, half asking if Jim really thinks that's the case, because it's not like this place is any good at following other laws of the universe. "If you turn up pregnant in any form, I'm gonna say I told you so in about three languages," he says, but follows orders, slowly easing Jim's legs apart.
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"Of course I do," he says, softening a little given his own situation with kids back home and him having only the most partial of custody. He leans down to try and kiss Jim out of more bickering, eager to put this one to rest. And if that doesn't work, the way he starts to slide those kisses down to collarbone and stomach should hopefully earn him a touch more leniency.

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"You tug too hard, I'm going to start thinking you like it," he teases, working his lips down over those new, generous hips, enjoying the way Jim's skin feels under his hands as he lowers to the thighs, brushing a slow kiss there, just a touch. "You ready for more?"

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He's starting to learn a whole lot more about Jim and McCoy's damn pleased, in these circumstances. He nudges one last loving kiss to the inside of Jim's thigh before pushing his (her, really) legs apart and starts to put his tongue to better work, a planned idea behind every lap and lick.