leftwithmybones: (waiting)
Dr. Leonard McCoy ([personal profile] leftwithmybones) wrote in [personal profile] boldly_going 2016-03-10 02:39 am (UTC)

McCoy's been elbows-deep in texts on diseases that belong to the 17th century, poring over the medical treatments they'd attempted as he makes notes, mostly trying to learn from mistakes and see if he can't head out into one of the medieval doors and do some hands-on practice. He absently glances up and bites his lip to hide the smile. He's been expecting this after the comm, but hell if it isn't a sight to enjoy.

"Oh, you just stand right there," McCoy insists, rising to his feet so he can loom over Jim in a way that's entirely satisfying. "Hey, darling," he greets, a sticky drawl in his words. "I think you shrank."

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