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2037-04-04 05:59 pm
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Character Basics

Name: James T Kirk
Canon: Star Trek (reboot)
Exit: At the end of Into Darkness
Stuck?: No


Time Zone: EST
Availability: I tag mostly on weekends.
Slowtagging: Absolutely fine!
Open to: Any and everything! I really want to have Kirk start leading some away teams into some of the doors ala Star Trek so I'm game for plotting.
Canon-puncturing: Please don't.
Offensive subjects: Perfectly fine!
Powers: You can but I can imagine Kirk would be particularly put off by telepathy or any loss of his agency.


General warnings: He has a mean right hook.

Romantic interaction: Kirk is most definitely a ladies man but he doesn't like to form any long term attachments.

Violence: Kirk is very fond of a bar brawl, sorry to say.


For anyone: He's probably a regular in the bar

Special permissions: TBA
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2037-04-03 08:47 pm
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ic; voicemail

Kirk here, leave it.
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2037-04-03 08:46 pm
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ooc; dropbox

All mun communication can go here.
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2016-03-09 08:48 pm
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Jim knows where the door is that changes your body and he's been avoiding it but he accidentally pulled the wrong door looking for Risa and ended up in a petite blonde body instead of his own. Shit. And he's been trying to get his own body back, with no success, and he doesn't think he can avoid Bones any longer.

He sends Bones a message over the hotel network to come to his room and guesses he's going to just have to endure for a little while the same way Bones had when he suddenly got curvier for a week or so. He's probably going to get a hell of a laugh out of it, Bones, and Jim isn't looking forward to the I told you so.

The only thing he has that seems to fit are his sunglasses and one of his oxford shirts and he puts them on, figuring Bones isn't going to need much more than that. Jim sure isn't going anywhere looking like this anyway.

When Jim hears a knock on the door, he crosses over to let him in. "Don't laugh."