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Character Basics

Name: James T Kirk
Canon: Star Trek (reboot)
Exit: At the end of Into Darkness
Stuck?: No


Time Zone: EST
Availability: I tag mostly on weekends.
Slowtagging: Absolutely fine!
Open to: Any and everything! I really want to have Kirk start leading some away teams into some of the doors ala Star Trek so I'm game for plotting.
Canon-puncturing: Please don't.
Offensive subjects: Perfectly fine!
Powers: You can but I can imagine Kirk would be particularly put off by telepathy or any loss of his agency.


General warnings: He has a mean right hook.

Romantic interaction: Kirk is most definitely a ladies man but he doesn't like to form any long term attachments.

Violence: Kirk is very fond of a bar brawl, sorry to say.


For anyone: He's probably a regular in the bar

Special permissions: TBA